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Receive official information from Public offices and Law Enforcement 

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How to create an individual account

It’s easy to create your account. It’s intuitive and do it right on the app. If you need help you can follow these steps.

  • Using just a mobile phone number and get a OTP (One time Password) by SMS
  • Facebook login
  • Twitter login
  • Apple login (for iPhones)

You can even use the Asha app without creating an account. Just skip the registration step. Only when you need to post something will you need your account.

How to Create a Business Account

This is for individuals or businesses or organizations that intend to promote their businesses and access Marketing and sales services on the App.

  • Create a user account using Mobile number, Facebook login, Twitter login or Apple login
  • Search for your business if it automatically displayed
  • Claim your business if it is displayed
  • Or go to the Setting page and create your business
  • It is very easy and can be done directly from the app
  • If you have any problems or questions please contact us

How to Create a Public Administration or Law Enforcement account

It is critical to safeguard official public accounts, therefore we ask you to contact us directly. We need to verify credentials before we enable official public accounts.

Just press the "+" to create

It is very easy to use the app to send direct information and notification to your followers.

  • Just press the “+” button to create
  • Select the type of content if suggested
  • Select media if needed like photos, videos, coupons etc.
  • Write the written text
  • Send

How to Post Social

Now it’s to have some fun and share the happiness. It is as easy as any other social media or photo sharing platform. If you haven’t figured it out yet

  • Just click the “+” button you see on the bottom right.
  • Upload photo or video
  • Or just write your post
  • And Publish
  • You or others who follow you like or comment on your posts.

Asha App is available on Google Play and Apple App Store

It is FREE

It works on most Android phones and Apple iPhones.

There are NO in APP purchases